Beryllium Letter, May 2016 
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Want to design and print 3D models?


Have you ever wanted to design and print 3D models? Last week I volunteered at an event and I had opportunity to get a crash-course on 3D printing.

Let's first start with having your digital model to print.


Option-1: Using tinkercad (a free web interface) you can easily create your models. All you need to do is to select 3D shapes, drag and connect them to get the shape that you want.


Option-2: Clicking on thingiverse link, you can find millions of free models to download.


Option-3: Laser scanning or multi-view photogrammetry, you can create accurate models of the complex real-world objects (contact Beril for more information).


When your model is ready to print: Using free software CURA you can slice your model and check the printing layers. CURA can help you to adjust printing parameters for your printer and finally save the slice information as a "gcode" which can be transferred to the chosen 3D printer to start printing. 

Here I share some videos from my 3D printing adventure...




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This link could be helpful to figure out how to set the good parameters to avoid errors. 


here is a question for everyone;
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Expert Interviews

Next month we are starting to have expert interviews in the newsletter. David Anthony is going to share his experience with using VR development tools for visualization and simulation of data from earth sciences.
Using Game Engines for Visualization of Remote Sensing Data


Want to contribute? Please send an email to Beril with an "Expert Interviews" title in order to become a guest expert in the Newsletter.


Free Software    

Need to do atmospheric correction and sun angle/shadow simulation on your remote sensing images? ATCOR might be a useful tool. 


Upcoming Events    

Vision, Robotics & Mechatronics 2016


Recently Sold


Golden crack series are not only valuable because of the actual gold leaves used on the canvases, but also because of their non-repeatable nature.

Every piece has been sold before they were on the half way to be finished. Contact Beril if you want to be in the queue to get your beautiful art piece.     

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Want to learn how to create magnificent paintings? Send an email to arrange an online course or join to the upcoming workshops if you are in the Netherlands. 


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Join to group. Ask questions and support others.


More stories to come...    

The newsletter is coming with more stories...Stay in touch!


Now it is your turn!

Would you like to share your story here?
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