Berilliam News, April 2023 (8th year of the monthly letters!)
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"Don't learn for sake of learning. Learn for sake of applying what you have learned."

We appreciate your help
I have gone through my first two surgeries and it is not half of the way yet. We appreciate your contributions to support us. Heartfelt thanks in advance! 
We have created a YouTube playlist to document what's going on in my health journey...


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(12) Weather & Climate & Machine Learning online course Link >>
(13) Satellite image fusion & classification contest and data set Link >>
(14) Data set of natural disasters Link >>


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Join our climate-aware life and business coaching certificate programs

Submit your manuscript at Remote Sensing Special Issue >>

>> Stockholm Artificial General Intelligence conference Link >>
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Submit your manuscript at Journal of Environmental Misinformation Studies >>

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>> Video processing, PhD position Apply >>


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