Berilliam News, December 2022 (7th year of the monthly letters!)
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Free Resources

(1) Weather & Climate & Machine Learning online course Link >>
(2) Biomass data Link >>
(3) The Role of AI in responding to climate challenges Link >>
Global Carbon emissions monitoring platform Link >>
(4) Global methane emissions data set Link >>
(5) AI toolbox for satellite land classification Link >>
(6) Earth dashboard Link >>
(7) Forest data set Link >>
(8) Tree identification data set Link >>
(9) Tree identification data set 2 Link >>
(10) Urban tree crown detection data set Link >>
(11) Dynamic world data set Link >>
(12) GeoAI challenge and earth data set Link >> 
(13) Synthetic data set for geoscience Link >>
(14) Ultimate SLAM source code >>
(15) Building footprint dataset Link >> 


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InterpretableAI lecture at our School of AI this week >>

Submit your manuscript at Journal of Environmental Misinformation Studies >>

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Useful Resources   
>> FREE BOOK Remote sensing image processing Link >>
>> Our latest AI & climate journal has open access Download >>
>> Conversation on our latest AI & climate journal published by Elsevier Watch >>
>> Our mass extinction journal published by Elsevier Link to the Arxiv version >>
>> Watch our GOING DARK, book interview >>
>> Arctic Sea Ice Loss, our latest Arxiv Link >>
>> Climate change, machine learning courses Link >>

>> Python for Data Science FREE Book >>
>> Python for Datascience Free Book >>



>>  Climate & AI job listings Link >>


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