BerylliumAI News, August 2021 (6th year of the monthly letters!)
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Free Resources

(1) GAN Zoo! Description and example code for each GAN in the literature! Link >>
(2) Climate education Uni. Reading UK (FREE lectures) share widely! Link >>

(3) Rules of ML, Google lecture series Link >>
(4) Climate and earth observation data sets Link >>
(5) 2021 School of AI lectures with source code Fork here>>


Upcoming Events    

>> IoT conference Link >>
>> Conference on Learning and Reasoning Link >>
>> UN data forum free online Link >>
>> AI for statistics conference Link >>
>> Carbon removal idea challenge Link >>

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2020 AI events, lectures and more!

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Interview with Hardvard University about the potential geoengineering methods
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Useful Resources   
>> My Google developers talk "Can we trust AI?" Link >>
>> Playlist of the AI for Earth Science Summer School Lectures >>

>> Reproducable Machine Learning Presentation >>
>> Calibrating event cameras Source >>
>> Geometric Deep Learning
Introduction page >>
>> Python for Data Science FREE Book >>
>> Python for Datascience Free Book >>
>> What is the future of AI? Some highlights from my latest webinar >>
>> 12 Pitfalls of ML Link >>
>> Write a perfect research proposal and a research planning report Link >>




>> PhD Deep Learning to map glaciers Apply >>
>> Machine learning engineer at Apple Apply >>
>> Multiple positions on XAI Apply >>
>> Postdoc on multimodel representation Apply >>
>> Several academic AI positions Link >>
>> Visual computing lecturer Link >>


Happy Creative Busy 


I am devastated seeing forest fire images from Turkey. I cannot express my pain and sadness. I will create a gofundme page to sell some original paintings in auction in order to donate all income to TEMA for reforestation projects. Please keep eyes on my upcoming linkedin announcement.

If you like to send donations directly, please use the IBAN codes in this link >>


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