BerylliumAI News, June 2021 (6th year of the monthly letters!)
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Free Resources

(1) Multiview video dataset with different activities Link >>
(2) Floorplan and 3D building reconstruction challenge and data Link >>
(3) Deep Learning python notebooks with many examples Link >>
(4) Road segmentation challenge and data set Link >>

(5) Are you working in the field of agriculture?
 Follow and contact to benefit from the AI algorithms >>
(6) 2021 School of AI lectures with source code Fork here>>


Upcoming Events    

>> Machine Learning for Earth Observation Link >>
>> Internation Conference on Advanced Technologies Link >>
>> Shape Modeling Conference Link >>
>> Summer School AI and Climate Link >>
>> IoT Conference Link >>
>> AI/ML Systems Conference Link >>
>> Cognition and Ontologies Conference Link >>  
>> Screening XRAY for Covid19 Challenge Link >>
>> Event camera based vision challenge Link >>
>> AI for tackling misinformation Link >>
>> Enviroinfo 2021 Berlin Link >>
>> Intelligent Systems Conference Link >>
>> British machine learning conference Link >>

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2020 AI events, lectures and more!

Watch the past episode, Siddha Ganju (Forbes 30 under 30) from NVIDIA >>

Watch my talk AI in Healthcare >>
Watch my Rise of AI 2020 talk >>
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Watch our interview with the Google AI Lead >>

Get your free School of AI Tickets >>

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Useful Resources   
>> Playlist of the AI for Earth Science Summer School Lectures >>
>> Reproducable Machine Learning Presentation >>
>> Geometric Deep Learning
Introduction page >>
>> Python for Data Science FREE Book >>
>> Python for Datascience Free Book >>
>> What is the future of AI? Some highlights from my latest webinar >>
>> 12 Pitfalls of ML Link >>
>> Write a perfect research proposal and a research planning report Link >>




>> Research Fellowship - Deep learning for deaf Link >> 
>> Postdoc on Explainable AI and Climate Change Link >>
>> DeepMind PhD scholarships Link >>
>> Marie Curie PhD positions Link >>
>> PhD position in neural memory models Link >>
>> PhD position in unsupervised learning for video Link >>
>> Computer vision engineer Link >>
>> PhD position in generative/Bayesian networks Link >>


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