BerylliumAI News, March 2021 (6th year of the monthly letters!)
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Free Resources

(1) Object detection library for AR and SLAM applications Link >>

(2) A large list of image data sets Link >>

(3) Are you working in the field of agriculture?
 Follow and contact to benefit from the AI algorithms >>
(4) 2021 School of AI lectures with source code Fork here>>


Upcoming Events    

>> EnviroInfo 2021 Berlin Link >>
>> INISTA Intelligent Systems Conference Link >>
>> Thermal image superresolution challenge Link >>
>> AI Neuroscience symposium Link >> 
>> Special issue, machine learning and environment Link >>
>> Google challenge for sustainable development goals Link >>
>> Mobile AI workshop Link >>
>> AI & Health, call for papers Link >>
>> Advances in AI & ML, call for papers Link >>
>> Modeling decisions with AI Conference Link >>
>> German conference of pattern recognition Link >>
>> ISMAR Mixed and Augmented Reality Conference Link >>
>> Computer Analysis of Images and Patterns Conference Link >>
>> Earthvision 2021 Link >>
>> ICCV2021 Canada Link >> 

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2020 AI events, lectures and more!

Watch the February School of AI Lecture >>
Get a FREE ticket for the March session of the School of AI >>
(We have BOOK GIVEAWAYs again, like last month!)
Watch my talk AI in Healthcare >>
Watch my Rise of AI 2020 talk >>
Subscribe on YouTube to catch the weekly research picks! >>
Watch our interview with the Google AI Lead >>

Watch how to choose an XAI method to explain your blackbox model >>
Watch Explainable AI video on how CNNs learn and what they look at >>

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Useful Resources   
>> List of upcoming AI seminars Link >>
>> Machine Learning and Climate Change Lectures Link >>
>> Free book: Introduction to Reinforcement Learning Link >>
>> Free book: AI Crash Course, focusing on Reinforcement Learning Link >>
>> Free book: Algorithms for Reinforcement Learning Link >> 
>> Free book: Learn Python the hard way, terrfyingly beautiful world of code Link >>
>> Free book: Probabilistic Machine Learning Link >>
     Thanks Håkan Silfvernagel for this book suggestion!
>> ESA PhiWeek AI for Earth Observation All talks >>
>> Python for Datascience Free Book >>
>> ISPRS 2020 presentation videos Free access >>
>> Our latest journal on semantic segmentation of organs and tumours Link >>
>> What is the future of AI? Some highlights from my latest webinar >>
>> 12 Pitfalls of ML Link >>
>> Write a perfect research proposal and a research planning report Link >>




>> AI Postdoc position at Linköping Uni. Apply >> 
>> ClimateTech jobs fair Link >>
>> PhD position on image processing Apply >>
>> Postdoc position at Wageningen Uni. Drones & AI Apply >>


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