Beryllium Newsletter, June 2020
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Free Resources

(1) Real time depth estimation Link >>

(2) Multiple object tracking data set Link >>
(3) Skin cancer classification data set and competition Link >> 

(4) Want to contribute to the food security data set to save the planet?
Click here to install farmAR app for FREE, add your own photo pins by picturing vegetables which look unhealthy!
(5) Our latest school of AI lectures with source code Fork here>>


Upcoming Events    

>> German conference for pattern recognition Link >>
>> AI for environment ICPR2020 Link >>
>> Green datamining conference Link >>
>> Pattern Recognition and Remote Sensing Conference Link >>
>> Asian Conference on Computer Vision Link >>
>> JSTAR special issues Link >>

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2020 AI events, lectures and more!

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Useful Resources   
>> CNN explainer ~ See how CNN is doing classification >>

Watch video >>
>> Python book free >>
>> Collection of Neural Information Processing Conference publications Link >>
>> Dataset collection for deep learning Link >>
>> Machine learning, big data roadmap Link >>
>> Datascience resources, free books Link >>
>> Datascience cheat sheets Link >>
>> Deep learning book free >>

>> Nicolo Botteghi presents our publication at ISPRS 2019 watch >>




>> PhD in data science Link >>
>> 12 PhD positions in computer science Link >>
>> PhD in computer science Link >>
>> PhD position in Autonomous Systems Link >>
>> Postdoc position on Algorithms Link >>


Happy Creative Busy 



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Please consider wearing a mask in order to slow down spread of the virus. We need to do this if we want to open up our economies and reduce the overwhelm of the healthcare systems.
This is my favourite tshirt cut mask, because it doesn't hurt my ears. No sewing and no great cutting skills are needed. If you make it two layers and put a layer of kitchen towel between layers, it will be more dense to filter the air. Here you can watch how to cut >>

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