Beryllium Newsletter, March 2020
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Free Resources

(1)Mesh RNN converts any 3D scene to a mesh model here >>
(2) Hyperspectral image data set Link >>

(3) Google face expression data set Link >>
(4) U-Nets for automated CT segmentation Link >>

(5) Want to contribute to the food security data set to save the planet?
Click here to install farmAR app for FREE, add your own photo pins by picturing vegetables which look unhealthy!
(6) Our latest school of AI lectures with source code Fork here>>


2020 AI events, lectures and more!


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Upcoming Events    

>> IoT conference in Sweden Link >>
>> ForestSAT conference Link >>
>> ICPR Pattern Recognition Link >>
>> 3D Object Retrieval Conference Link >>
>> AI and Human Intelligence Conference Link >>
>> Enviroinfo sustainability & smart environments Link >>
>> Intelligent Systems Conference in Turkey Link >>
>> Shape Modelling International Link >>
>> Sustainability in Climate Change Link >>
>> ECCV European conference on computer vision Link >>
>> Deep Learning in remote sensing Link >>
>> UAV and deeplearning for agriculture Link >>
>> Transfer learning in remote sensing Link >>
>> Computer vision for earth observation Link >>
>> Reproducable research for remote sensing Link >>
>> ISPRS Journal, multiview satellite images Link >>

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Useful Resources   
>> Deep learning book free >>

>> Nicolo Botteghi presents our publication at ISPRS 2019 watch >>




>> Research associate positions within visual computing group >>
>> Postdoc in Mobility Information Engineering in Zurich Apply >>
>> 22 AI PhD positions Apply >>
>> 3D PhD positions at TUDelft Apply >>
>> AI Lab data scientist position Apply >>
>> Postdoc position on Music and AI Apply >>
>> XAI PhD position Apply >>


Happy Creative Busy 



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