Beryllium Newsletter, December 2019
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Free Resources

(1) Satellite image data set and disaster challenge Link >>
(2) Satellite image data set and road network challenge Link >>
(3) Mapping disaster from aerial images (data + 10,000$ award) Link >>
(4) Tons of multispectral images from past data fusion challenge Link >>
(5) Europe Digital Elevation Map from Copernicus EU Link >>

(6) Our latest school of AI lectures with source code Fork here>>


The best way to predict the future is to create it
School of AI The Netherlands, the last meet up and lectures of 2019 Link>>



ASAP (AI to Save the Planet) is going to be the biggest AI event in Europe to fight with the climate change. As we continue with the preparations, we are eager to talk to early sponsors. If you are interested to sponsor or show your planet saving solutions, please send an email. LINK >>

>> Reach to farmAR App is on the Apple Store! 

>> Watch the European Commission Ecosystem Workshop Talk >>
>> farmAR app interview on Dr. Jozef Kozar's space and science blog >>    


Upcoming Events    

>> Deep Learning in remote sensing Link >>
>> UAV and deeplearning for agriculture Link >>
>> Transfer learning in remote sensing Link >>
>> Computer vision for earth observation Link >>
>> Reproducable research for remote sensing Link >>
>> IGARSS2020 Link >>
>> ISPRS Journal, multiview satellite images Link >>
>> IEEE, computer vision based earth observation Link >>
>> Remote sensing, machine learning big data Link >>
>> Remote sensing, graph theory based applications Link >>
>> Remote sensing, structure from motion (SfM) special issue Link >>
>> Remote sensing, urban climatology special issue Link >>
>> Remote sensing, earth's atmosphere special issue Link >>
>> Remote sensing, sparse and collaborative data special issue Link >>
>> Remote sensing, hyperspectral data reduction special issue Link >>
>> Remote sensing, UAV based applications special issue Link >>
>> Remote sensing, multi-temporal data special issue Link >>
>> Remote sensing, multi-sensor image analysis Link >>
>> Remote sensing, data fusion for urban applications Link >>
>> Remote sensing, SAR land cover analysis Link >>
>> Geometry processing conference Link >>
>> European Conference of Computer Vision Link >>
>> European computer graphics conference Link >>
>> Sensors symposium Germany Link >>
>> Deformable Geometry Conference Link >>
>> Special issue on IGARSS2019 symposium Link >>
>> Special issue on applying computer vision to geoscience data Link >>
>> Special issue on Remote sensing based urban indicators Link >>
>> Remote Sensing special issue on unmanned vehicles in geomatics Link>>
>> Drones special issue on unmanned vehicles in geomatics Link>>
>> Call for special issue on content-based remote sensing Link >>
>> Call for our special issue on robots and geoscience! Link >>

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Useful Resources   
>> Interactive list of the Climate Change AI papers Link >>
>> Image labelling tool for generating deep learning training sets Link >>
Thanks to Georgios Lappas for this suggestion!
>> You Only Watch Once source >>

>> Hands-on machine learning jupyter notebooks Link >>

>> Nicolo Botteghi presents our publication at ISPRS 2019 watch >>
>> My remote sensing & image processing lecture >>




>> Photogrammetry opportunities at Uni Braunschweig (in German) Link >>
>> NLP researcher in Canada Link >>
>> Researcher positions in sustainable energy Link >>
>> Data scientist positions in Paris Link >>
>> Tenure track computer science at Uni British Columbia Link >>


Happy Creative Busy 


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The photo was taken at University of Twente in November 2019.
Thanks to Frans Nikkel photography for the UToday magazine.


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