Beryllium Newsletter, April 2019
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Free Resources

(1) MIT deep learning & reinforcement learning full lecture Link >>

(2) Complete ML course Link >>

(3) 4D Face data set with speech data Link >>

(4)  Our latest school of AI lectures with source code Fork here>>


AI certificate programs
>> We are preparing new AI certicate programs for those who would like to use AI at their university projects, software development positions or for building start-up businesses. Some of the programs will be available as real classes in the Netherlands and some of them will be online. 
 Get into the emailing list on create4D website in order to receive the updates >>             


Making The Satellite Data Useful For Everyone
>> We need test farmers to validate predictions of the new AI algorithms. Could you please pass this form to those who might be interested? >>
>> Watch the European Commission Ecosystem Workshop Talk >>
>> View the farmAR app interview on Dr. Jozef Kozar's space and science blog >>

>> Interested in having a free iphone?
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Upcoming Events    

>> Call for our special issue on robots and geoscience! Link >>
>> Applied geoinformatics conference Link >>
>> matlab expo Link >>
>> Summer school in visualization Link >>
>> Geometry processing symposium in Milan Link >>
>> Measurement, visualization and processing in BIM Link >>
>> 3D vision conference Link >> 
>> Object detection challenge Link >>
>> Pattern recognition and remote sensing special issue Link >>
>> Munich Remote Sensing Symposium Link >>
>> British machine vision conference Link >>
>> IEEE WHISPERS 2019 Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Link >>
>> RAST2019 Space for Sustainable Development Link >>
>> ESA Phi-week 2019 call for abstracts Link >>
>> ESA earth soil day call for abstracts Link >>

>> create4D is a part of the EU COST Action for sustainable cities. Here is our sustainable farming call for research papers Link >>
>> Hope to meet you at ISPRS Geospatial Week 2019 Welcome to my Home :-) Link >>       

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Useful Resources   
>>  AI finally takes over DRONES! Eye opening insights from Prof. Kayacan >>

>> My remote sensing & image processing lecture >>

>> Build AI apps powerfully and rapidly, watch Ernests Elksnis >>

>> Find more AI LECTURES and INTERVIEWS on my channel >>
>> Kaggle Robot Navigation (SLAM) challenge Link>
>> Opportunity to send your voice data to Mars and transmit it back to the earth! (Thanks to Dr. Kozar for this suggestion) Link >>
>> The friendliest AI course for the beginners Link >>
>> The easiest annotation tool for labelling deep learning data Link >>

>> Find my life-changing books listed here >>

>> Mathematical models and methods for the processing of two-dimensional remote sensing images. A must have >>




>> Postdoc position: Applied Geometrie at TU Wien
Send the following documents to in a single 
ZIP file: • cv • motivation letter • list of publications • at least one recommendation letter from a current/former supervisor.
>> 3 Deep Learning positions in Paris Link >>


Happy Creative Busy 


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The photo was taken at Kasteel de Haar in The Netherlands in February 2019.


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