Beryllium Newsletter, December 2018
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Free Resources

(1) Geoscience and Remote Sensing DataPort Link >>
(Thanks Mustafa Ustuner!)

(2) 3D reconstruction data set and source code >>

(3)  Our school of AI lectures are shared with all world as we have promised Fork here>>

Making The Satellite Data Useful For Everyone
farmAR app on media;
>> Watch the European Commission Ecosystem Workshop Talk >>
>> View the farmAR app interview on Dr. Jozef Kozar's space and science blog >>

>> check the fresh new website >>


Upcoming Events    

>> Next May the Living Planet Symposium will be held in Milan. This symposium is organized by ESA and a great meeting place to meet others in the remote sensing community. Apart from special subject- and mission-specific sessions, the symposium also organizes a dedicates slot for AI and Space4.0. 
The following sessions might be of your liking, the deadline is the 11th of November.
C1.02 Challenges and opportunities for deep learning in remote sensing: understanding the world through Earth Observation
C4.01 Big EO Data Analytics: Platforms and applications
C5.01 Opportunities brought by constellations of small satellites to help understand process on the Earth’s surface or to explore new services.

>> Deep Learning for Remote Sensing special issue Link >>
>> Geometric Modeling and Processing 2019 Vancouver Link >>
>> IEEE WHISPERS 2019 Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Link >>
>> ISPRS Geospatial Week 2019 Welcome to my Home :-) Link >>
>> Computer graphics Think Tank Link >>
>> Shape modeling conference 2019 Link >>

>> Remote Sensing for Earth System Models Submit manuscript>>
>> Remote Sensing Journal CfP Special Issue on Biodiversity Link >>
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Useful Resources   
>> NASA has just landed on Mars, however our Moon still contains a lot to discover. Have you ever thought that you could observe and learn more about our Moon just by naked eye, without even needing expensive telescopes? This book  is a great scientific resource for all ages and for all education levels.
Moon Atlas (and a collection of other scientific books) are provided you by Dr. Jozef Kozar.  

>> Let's come to 'success' and 'self-actualization'. Your life must be your success and in terms of your own definition of it. Follow these simple steps to design your own big success! Live big! You are here just for that!

>> Find other helpful books listed here >>

>> I cannot drop this book from my hand! mathematical models and methods for the processing of two-dimensional remote sensing images. A must have >> 




>> University of Edinburgh has several vacancies in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning, type "machine learning" at the keywords section of this link >>
>> PhD position in Berlin on visual data analysis, further details >>
>> Postdoc position in 3D spatialization, further details >>
>> AI positions at MIT Link >>


Happy Creative Busy 


Ever thought that Beril's artwork could be your unique bag this autumn? Order now and 100% of the income is spent for animal rescue which can be made known to you with all details >>

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The photo is taken in Summer 2018 at my RISE of AI key talk in Berlin, Germany.


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