Beryllium Newsletter, September 2018
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Making The Satellite Data Useful For Everyone

A dream came true :-) "farmAR App" is on Apple Store and FREE

This is what farmAR meant by making invisible visible...
See sudden changes of NDVI, NDWI just like pokemons.
See 2D maps of vegetation greenness and water levels.


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Guest Researcher "Bas Altena, PhD."

My name is Bas Altena. I defended my PhD-thesis at the University of Oslo. The subject of my thesis was "Observing change in glacier flow by using optical satellites". My bachelor was in geodetic engineering, followed by a master in geomatics, and research within a computer vision group.  All these disciplines were combined in my thesis research, which in this case, had the application of glaciers.

One of the things I like about Earth observation is the fact that this type of research is so rapidly evolving, especially nowadays with the onset of large scale deployment of cube-sats. An exemplary plot of this advancement is shown below. 

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3+1 year post-doctoral position in a project funded by Academy of Finland. The objective of the project is to develop novel hierarchical Bayesian models and computational methods for analyzing long-term spatially structured ecological and environmental data sets.
Contact: Jarno Vanhatalo <>
The deadline for submitting the application is September 9th, 2018.


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The photo is taken in July 2018 Ameland, The Netherlands


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