Beryllium Newsletter, February 2018
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Free Resources

(1) Great web tutorial for learning feature extraction methods and deep learning algorithms 
(2) Awesome computer vision source code and the latest literature Link >>
(3) Is Julia changing the software world? Who is this Julia?>>
(4) Deep learning without programming Tensorflow playground >>     

Making The Satellite Data Useful For Everyone

>> farmAR has joined to the biggest agricultural exposition of the North America in January 2018. Harry Shea presented farmAR and introduced our first iOS app to the potato farmers.
It was interesting for us to hear different questions from the north American farmers than the questions we get from the European farmers. This makes us curious to explore more! This also makes us realize that farmAR is not only a business but also a great scientific platform.

>> farmAR is the Winner of B2B Challenge of Copernicus Masters program.
      Follow the link for the farmAR introduction video>>

>> The European Commission report on farmAR:
the most disruptive project applied by two women with excellent complementary skills >>

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Upcoming Events    


>> Beril is a speaker at Unmanned Vehicle Expo >>
Find my invitation for discount >>
>> Beril is speaker at BigSkyEarth workshop in Novi Sad >>

>> ISPRS 3D Geo Symposium in Delft Link >>
>> Artificial intelligence symposium Link >>
>> Perceptual issues for AR/VR IEEE Workshop Link >>
>> 3D Image retrieval Link >>
>>3D Object Retrieval Conference in Delft Link >>
>> ISMAR Mixed and Augmented Reality Symposium Link >>
>> ICRA 2018 Active SLAM and more Link >>
>> IEEE Geoscience Remote Sensing Data Fusion Contest Link >>
>> Conference on 3D deformable object reconstruction Link >>
>> 3D Shape Retrievel Contest in Lyon Link >>
>> Robotics challenge Link >>
>> Robotics: Science and Systems Conference Link >>
>> Intelligent Robots Conference Link >>
>> Maching Learning Workshop Link >>
>> IEEE Hyperspectral Imaging Conference Link >>
>> British Machine Learning Conference Link >>
>> IEEE IGARSS Geoscience Remote Sensing Link >>
>> BEGEO 2018 Belgian Geoscience Symposium Link >>
>> European Space Policy Conference Link >>
>> 3D Geometry processing symposium Link >>
>> Toward Photogrammetry 2020 Link >>
>> Geoinformation for disaster management Link >>
>> BioRobotics Symposium at UTWENTE Link >>
>> Special issue 'multispectral remote sensing images' Link >>
>> Machine learning challenge Link >>
>> 3D Urban Reconstruction Challenge Join >>
>> Special Issue Call, Land Use Change for Agriculture Link >>
>> GRSL High resolution image processing call Link >>
>> Remote Sensing Journal CfP Special Issue on Biodiversity Link >>


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Useful Resources   

>> GPU grant program for developing the coolest deep learning algorithms

>> DRONENET learns the driving rules and navigates indoors without any training data

(click on the image to watch the video)

>> Learn so many different types of NEURAL NETWORKS >> 

>> I am so pleased to know that this book helped to my own brother recently when he was having interviews for a software developer position at a high tech institution. He could gather years of experience in a small booklet which he could read at a weekend. He found it life changing. 


>> Another kindle full with practical and useful secrets which work like a magic in every area of life, especially in professional career.


>> Postdoc position: H2020 ERC Advanced Grant CHANGE (New CHallenges for adaptive PDE solvers: the interplay of ANalysis and GEometry), a joint research project among EPFL-MNS, the CNR-IMATI institute, RICAM and JKU-LINZ. Link >>


Happy Creative Busy 


I was excited to find some colorful cardboard pieces last week. I wanted some figures to become alive on them. One of them appeared to be Mr. Tesla, who broke my pattern of letting female figures to be channeled most of the time.   

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free AR apps!  

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The photo is taken in December 2017 in Hoeksewaard, The Netherlands

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