Beryllium Newsletter, December 2017
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(1) A collection of the breathtaking Deep Learning papers >>

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Making The Satellite Data Useful For Everyone

>> We are more than happy to Announce that farmAR has been selected as the Winner of B2B Challenge of Copernicus Masters program. Being finalist in 2016, it is great pleasure to know that the jury recognized the great progress of the innovation. The prize was made public during the award ceremony at the European Space Week in Tallinn, Estonia. (Click on the image to watch the video of the winner announcement)

>> The European Commission report on farmAR:
the most disruptive project applied by two women with excellent complementary skills >>

>> farmAR is joining to the biggest agricultural exposition of the North America in January 2018.
>> farmAR is joining to the Food Nexus finals at Wageningen University in December 2017.
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Upcoming Events    


>> 3D Geometry processing symposium Link >>
>> LowCost 3D workshop Link >>
>> Toward Photogrammetry 2020 Link >>
>> Geoinformation for disaster management Link >>
>> Call for Best PhD in Computer Graphics Link>>
>> BioRobotics Symposium at UTWENTE Link >>
>> Special issue 'multispectral remote sensing images' Link >>
>> Machine learning challenge Link >>
>> 3D Urban Reconstruction Challenge Join >>
>> Special Issue Call, Land Use Change for Agriculture Link >>
>> GRSL High resolution image processing call Link >>
>> Special issue "machine learning for geospatial data" Link >>
>> Remote Sensing Journal CfP Special Issue on Biodiversity Link >>
>> Call for Papers, Remote Sensing & Machine Learning Link >>
>> Call for Papers, Object Detection & Deep Learning Link >>

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>> Postdoc and PhD student positions at Ecole Polytechnique
3D Geometry Processing / Computer Graphics / Computer Vision
>> Carnegie Mellon University hiring Link >>
>> Faculty positions at Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon Link >>
>> A postdoc position in 3D geometry processing & Computer Graphics is available at the Computer Science Department, Technion (Haifa, Israel), as part of an ERC funded project.
Applications should be sent to: 
>> Open positions at Edinburgh Center for Robotics:
Multi-contact locomotion and manipulation (2 positions) Dr Zhibin Li (
Dynamics Modeling (1 position) Dr Michael Mistry (
Multi-arm Manipulation (1 position) Dr Michael Mistry (
Dynamic quadrupedal locomotion (2 position) Professor Sethu Vijayakumar ( and Dr Michael Mistry (
Machine Learning (1 position) Dr. Timothy Hospedales (
Intelligent HRI with Explainable AI (1 position) Dr. Subramanian Ramamoorthy (
Shared Autonomy for Mobile-base Platforms (2 positions) Professor Sethu Vijayakumar (
Planning and Shared Autonomy Software Interfaces (1 position)Professor Sethu Vijayakumar (

Please check the previous issues for the opportunities which might still be open.


Books for Success   

>> Success starts with feeling great in your body and having a clear mind. Nature provides us everything we need in order to support our body and mind, so we can use this healthy platform for doing great work! This kindle book is so much fun. Select one smoothy each day, and refresh yourself with natural vitamins and minerals.  


>> Another kindle full with practical and useful secrets which work like a magic in every area of life, especially in professional career.

Happy Creative Busy 


I was asked last week twice; "why are you working on two totally different things; art and science?"
My answer was that "I do not see any difference in being engaged with beauty and creativity. I see what is good and beautiful. I think of what contributions I can make with my creativity. I communicate the results with unique ways of visualization.

I add science to art
I add art to science.

Contact Beril to have original artwork for reasonable prices with
free AR apps!  Click on the images below to see DEMO

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I hope this letter serves you.
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The photo is taken this month in Tallinn, Estonia
(Copernicus Masters award, Beril, her mother and Think)


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