Beryllium Newsletter, October 2017
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Free Resources

(1)  3D webgl javascript editing free library >>
(2) Free Deep Learning Book Download >>
(3) Free Deep Learning Lecture Series Watch >>
(4) Deep Learning with MatLab Series Watch >>
(5) Free research 3D data set Link >>


Making The Satellite Data Useful For Everyone

farmAR has moved to the ESA SBIC in Noordwijk. Working close to ESA, we are looking forward to speed up developments for full earth coverage of our services.  

>> Here you can read our story published by AZO space of innovation 
>> We are working on calculating  the amount of yield increase and cost savings of the farmers. Please share farmAR website with your network 
>> Beril is packing for the Copernicus Masters program closing event in Tallinn. It might be a good opportinity to meet!

>> farmAR has great news which we are allowed to announce on November 7th 

Curious? Follow farmAR on Twitter >>


Upcoming Events    


>> Copernicus Masters Conference in Tallinn Link >>
>> Computer graphics reports Link >>
>> Geometric modeling and processing conference Link >>
>> Silvilaser 2017 Link >>
>> GRSL High resolution image processing call Link >>
>> Special issue "machine learning for geospatial data" Link >>
>> Signal processing and artificial intelligence Link >>
>> IGARSS 2018 Link >>
>> Functional map of world challenge Link >>
>> Oblique Aerial Cameras EuroSDR/ISPRS Workshop Link >>
>> Remote Sensing Journal CfP Special Issue on Biodiversity Link >>
>> European VR days in Amsterdam Link >>
>> Computer Graphics and Visualization Conference Link >>
>> ISMAR 2017 Mixed & Augmented Reality Conference Link >>
>> Deep learning course in Delft Register >>
>> Shape and Motion Recognition Conference Link >>
>> Computer vision and pattern recognition Link >>
>> AR & VR symposium Link >>
>> EuroVR2017 Virtual Reality Conference Link >>
>> 3D Reconstruction Workshop Link >>
>> ICCV 2017 Link >>
>> ISPRS Workshop Oblique 2017 Link >>
>> Call for Papers, Remote Sensing & Machine Learning Link >>
>> Call for Papers, Object Detection & Deep Learning Link >>
>> Open days in ESA Noordwijk, chance to meet 6 astronauts! Link >>

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>> PhD and Postdoc positions at TUWien Link >>
>> Several PhD and Postdoc positions at INRIA Link >>
>> Postdoc computational geometry Link >> 
>> PhD in Mesh Generation Link >>
>> 3D reconstruction and semantic segmentation of crops using range and image sensors Candidates should apply to
>> PhD position in quality assessment for video surveillance applications
>> 10 Assistant professors, computer vision Link >>


Freshly Published    

>> Be distinguished by publishing the strongest journals >> Increase your reputation >> Increase contributions you  make to the literature and to science >> Help others by providing great references


Useful Tech News 

>> AR for interior applications


Fluffy News 

They are rescued from streets by our volunteer heros!
They are cleaned and they went through a medical healing process.
Now they are ready to go to new homes! How great this is! 
Would you consider having a new family member? They are carefully carried to different countries around Europe! 
Please also consider donations. You can imagine that the medical care of these beautiful beings are not always very easy. Click on the puppy to contact. 


Happy Creative Busy 


I was asked last week twice; "why are you working on two totally different things; art and science?"
My answer was that "I do not see any difference in being engaged with beauty and creativity. I see what is good and beautiful. I think of what contributions I can make with my creativity. I communicate the results with unique ways of visualization.

I add science to art
I add art to science.

Contact Beril to have original artwork for reasonable prices with
free AR apps!  Click on the images below to see DEMO

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I hope this letter serves you.
Please give me feedback. Thank you very much for reading.
With my best wishes,


The photo is taken last month in Istanbul

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