Beryllium Newsletter, March 2017
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Free Data Sets

(1) ROME was not built in a day...
     ... but can be downloaded in few minutes

Click for the free point cloud data set >>

(2) New crowdsourcing open street data with ESRI layers Click to access >>

(3) Free LiDAR point clouds Download Link >>

(4) San Francisco Landmark Dataset Download Link >>

(5) Printable robot models for making a real size robot of your own! 

(6) BigSFM: Reconstructing the World from Internet Photos
     Access to the source code and data sets >>


Making The Satellite Data Useful For Everyone

Question pool is closing at the end of this month! 

You can still contribute to the app development
by providing your input to this survey >>

Please also share our survey with your network.

See also;

create4D on Facebook >>

create4D on YouTube >>


create4D Homepage >>


Upcoming Events    

INNOspace Masters conference and awards ceremony

 “Save the Date – Register Now”

The official YouTube video of the last year's ceremony can be accessed by this link >>

(2) Animation rendering symposium Link >>
(3) ISPRS City models and traffic Link >>
(4) Medical image analysis conference Link >>
(5) Hyperspectral imaging conference Link >>
(6) Earthvision 2017 conference Link >>
(7) Symposium on Geometry Processing Link >>
(8) Global Civil Engineering Conference Link >>
(9) 3D Shape Modeling S3PM Link >>
(10) IEEE Data fusion contest Link >>
(11) 3D Web Technology Conference Link >>

Upcoming Graph Theory book announcement >>

Check earlier newsletter issues for other calls which might still be relevant!
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>> Part-time content manager at ESA-BIC Noordwijk, The Netherlands 
>> Computer vision experts in remote sensing field
>> Visual Computing Lab is looking for young and motivated researchers willing to work on 3D Computer Graphics (subtopics: 3D digitization, Visualization and Rendering, Geometry Processing and Digital Fabrication). Eligible master-level candidates may also have the chance to earn a PhD title.


Freshly Published    


>> An interesting article from Milad Janalipour, Read here >> 

(Don't hesitate to suggest interesting fresh articles and books.)


Useful Tools  

(1) Free Interactive Lidar Training Tool

Click for the interactive teaching tool.
A LiDAR introduction video can be found in this link >>


(2)  A friendly tutorial of the most common Local Features >>
(3)  A remotely sensed image processing tool link >>  (Thanks Mustafa Ustuner!)
(4)  Meshlab java online tool link >>

(5)  3D travel inside of multiview photos tool link >>

(6) A friendly guide to really understand the Krigging interpolation method 


Happy Creative Busy 

Contact Beril to have original artwork for reasonable prices.

At the moment, big amount of the income is spent for the medical care of the animals which are found in difficult living conditions. When you buy a painting, if you want to know, you can ask details about how your contribution is spent.
Within coming years, Beril's vision is to build a larger area where she (and other volunteer friends with professionals) can accommodate larger numbers of animals who need love and health care more urgently than others. When you buy Beril's books and artwork, you are contributing to this vision to become real faster.

Follow Beril's art diaries on Instagram...                                                                               
                                                           ...also on Facebook


I hope this letter serves you.
Please give me feedback. Thank you very much for reading.
With my best wishes,


(The photo is taken at Keukenhof.)

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