Beryllium Newsletter, February 2017
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Free Data Sets

>> Free access to Corona images and helpful links:

Data access Link >>

Descriptions about Corona can be found in Link1 and Link2

>> Free open remote sensing data and codes Link >>

>> ISPRS Dataset collection Link >>


(Thanks guest researcher Milad Janalipour for sharing three references above.)

>> Virtual city maps Link >>

>> Free LIDAR sources Link >>

>> Shape files of city borders for every country Link >>


Making The Satellite Data Useful For Everyone

Create4D is looking for food growers who would like to join to the first tests and help us to analyze effectiveness of our services.

Please check our updated website and share it with food grower farmers who could be potential first adopters of new technology.

See also;

Create4D on Facebook >>
Create4D on YouTube >>


Upcoming Events    


(1) Computer Graphics Conference Link >>
(2) Virtual Reality Conference Link >>
(3) Lidar Mapping Forum Link >>
(4) ISPRS Laser Scanning Workshop Link >>
(5) IEEE Data Fusion Contest Link >>
(6) Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition Link >>
(7) Digital Earth Symposium Link >>
(8) Signal Processing Conference Link >>
(9) Machine Learning Course Link >>
(10) Geoinformatics Winter School Link >>
(11) Artificial Intelligence Symposium Link >>
(12) Deformable Shape Retrieval Link >>
(13) Joint Urban Remote Sensing Event Link >>
(14) ESA Worldcover Conference Link >>
(15) Cloud computing for water management Link >>
(16) Imaging Spectroscopy Workshop Link >>
(17) British Machine Vision Conference Link >>
(18) UAV Expo in The Hague Link >>

Upcoming Graph Theory book announcement >>

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>> Tenure Track in Robotics Link >>
>> Resource Engineering Tenure Track Link >>

>>  Post-doctoral/Engineer Position in France Link >>
>> Software engineer at ESA-BIC Link >>
>> Software engineer to fill a one-year full-time position at Inria Sophia Antipolis.  Please, contact Laurent Busé for details.
>> ​Ocean color detection at Eumetsat Link >>
>> Research scientist in Belgium Link >>
>> Virginia Tech Assistant Professor Positions
     For a full description of the position, please go to,  Posting #016347TR.
>> Researcher positions in the UK Link >>


Freshly Published    


>>  A new book on 3D computer vision algorithms, based on latest statistical
optimization theories, has been published, including C/C++ code.  Link >>

>> Freely available articles from Elsevier, Go to the offer >>

(Don't hesitate to suggest interesting fresh articles and books.)


Guest Researcher    


Milad Janalipour received the M.Sc. degree in geodesy & geomatics engineering from K.N.Toosi University of Technology, Tehran-Iran, in 2013. He is currently working toward the Ph.D. degree in the Department of Geomatics, Faculty of Geodesy and Geomatics Engineering, K.N. Toosi University of Technology. His professional interests include remote sensing image processing, building damage detection & assessment, change detection, computational intelligence algorithms, computing methods, LiDAR data processing and SAR data processing. He has over 3 published conference papers and 7 published journal papers (Persian and English).

Here, Milad shares names of four books that he finds useful:

1) If you would like to learn the concept and theory of Neural networks, he recommends: Neural Network Design - Martin Hagan - Oklahoma State University

2) For fuzzy systems:

Jang, Jyh-Shing Roger, Chuen-Tsai Sun, and Eiji Mizutani. "Neuro-fuzzy and soft computing, a computational approach to learning and machine intelligence." (1997).

3) For general and useful sciences about RS, sensors, applications Link >>

4) For researchers who would like to study about pattern recognition, he recommends this reference.


Great thanks to Milad for his valuable contribution.


Useful Tools   

>> Elsevier shares a workshop on how to write great academic papers
      Link to Video >>

>> Top 10 open source web mapping tools of 2017 Link >>


Happy Creative Busy 

Are you giving yourself permission to be a happy and creative busy?

Follow latest art creations, get inspired and enjoy >>



Contact Beril to have original artwork for reasonable prices.
At the moment, a part of the income is spent for the new painting supplies and for supporting animal rescue shelters. Donation indications are shared with you when you purchase a painting. 
Within coming years, Beril's vision is to build a larger area where she (and other volunteer friends with professionals) can accommodate larger numbers of animals who need love and health care more urgently than others. When you buy Beril's books and artwork, you are contributing to this vision to become real faster.

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(Photo is taken in the Japanese Garden, Clingendael, The Hague)

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