Beryllium Newsletter, December 2016 
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Free Data Sets

Prof. Fisher has updated the list of free data sets that you can use for your research, proof of concept and publication experiments. Thanks for adding our data sets as well! By searching for 'Sirmacek' in the page, you can find data sets of our articles. 

>> Databases (related to the popular journals) by Prof. Fisher >>  

>> For more free data sets from Beril, follow this link >>

By the way, have you discovered OpenSceneGraph ?  OpenSceneGraph is an open platform for creating beautiful 3D scenes that you can use in your game developments, VR applications or other artistic creations.


Making The Satellite Data Accessible By Everyone

Create4D is continuing their framework for making the satellite data accessible, even easily visible by everyone.

If you would like to provide your support to Create4D, please fill the survey below.

Access to the Survey >> 

Using this survey results, the additional useful features of the framework are going to be determined.

If you are a smartphone user, then You are the one to help >>

Create4D on Facebook >>

Create4D on YouTube >>

Find some other research developments for making satellite data and mobile applications useful for managing our daily life resources >>


Upcoming Events    

(1) IGARSS 2017, Geoscience and Remote Sensing  >> 
(2) Shape Modeling Symposium >> 
(3) Imaging Spectroscopy Workshop >> 
(4) Distance Learning Courses From EuroSDR >> 
(5) Dutch VR & AR Awards >>
(6) Urban Data Modeling and Visualization >> 

(7) RAST 2017, Satellite Image Applications >> 
(8) Wavelength conference >> 
(9) Imaging & Geotechnology >>
(10) Urban Geoinformatics >>
(11) Call for special issue on Forestry >> 
(12) Joint Urban Remote Sensing Event (JURSE) 2017 >>
(13) Videometrics, Range images Conference Link >>
(14) Medical Image Analysis Conference Link>>
(15) 3D Visualization Conference Link>>



>> Research Scientist at NASA >>
>> Tenure Track on Space Technologies >>
>> Scientist at Belgian Space Institute >>


Happy Creative Busy 

Are you giving yourself permission to be a happy and creative busy?
Follow and enjoy >>




Contact Beril to have original artwork for reasonable prices. It is so joyful to beautify your living spaces with so much love and loveliness...

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A Space For Women

Doctor Monica is a beautiful person I met last year. She used to serve as a medical doctor before she started to follow her passion to help women with making their lives a beautiful journey. I fell in love with her pure heart and compassion.

I have asked her if it is possible to create FREE COACHING WEBINARS for answering to the most common questions.

Wow, yes, she accepted my invitation! 

Every Wednesday 1pm NewYork time, you are welcome to join to these free coaching sessions!  




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(It is joyful to give hands to support each other. Scientists in Italy are going to appreciate your intentions. Follow this link to give a hand >>)

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