Beryllium Newsletter, November 2016 
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Are We Going To Wear Augmented Reality Lenses?



Creative Coding Amsterdam (CCA) Group has introduced their current projects to each other. 
Here you can watch two of the presentations. 

VIDEO 1 (image processing & interactive screens) >>

VIDEO 2 (simulations & interactive screens) >>

Copernicus Masters Bootcamp Award

Create4D has won a challenge and taken into the bootcamp program which is held in Madrid last month. During the bootcamp, Create4D has got intensive training for their satellite image processing and augmented reality related project.

Starting from this month and during 2017, Create4D is going to be coached by the mentors from ESA-BIC in Noordwijk, The Netherlands, in order to start pilot projects. Soon there will be postdoc positions announced for the upcoming developments. Stay in touch to hear further news.

Create4D on Facebook >>

Create4D on YouTube >>

Copernicus Satellite Masters Opening Speech >> 
Copernicus Satellite Masters Advice for Entrepreneurs >>


Upcoming Book    

Graph Theory book is welcoming your proposals. Let's keep on writing and share your experience with other scientists. (please write to if the chapter subscription link does not work)

Link to the submissions page >> 


Upcoming Events    

(1) RAST 2017, Satellite Image Applications >> 

(2) Wavelength conference >> 

(3) Imaging & Geotechnology >>

(4) Urban Geoinformatics >>

(5) Call for special issue on Forestry >> 

(6) Joint Urban Remote Sensing Event (JURSE) 2017 >>

(7) Videometrics, Range images Conference Link >>

(8) Remote Sensing Imaging Conference Link>>

(9) 3D Visualization Conference Link>>



Keep on developing awesome software applications! 
Here are free MatLab toolboxes which might help you LINK >>




>> Tenure Track Position >>   


Happy Creative Busy

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