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We have tons of image data sets for your research projects in various topics, find the link here >>


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This online benchmark provides the largest known labelled 3D point cloud data set of natural scenes with over 3 billion points in total.

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Eurographics 2017 meshing and surface reconstruction to photorealistic rendering techniques, as well as computer animation and simulation Link>>



>> Postdoctoral position, Computer Vision & Machine Learning Link>>

Be Happy Busy

My dear friend & colleague who is reading this. I do know how busy you are! 
You have to finish a lot of tasks at your work and at your home. You totally forgot what having a hobby and free time means. Even in this summer time, you have deadlines and a lot of stress about how to overcome many things. Even on a holiday, you cannot relax fully. Doing meditation sounds like fooling yourself and trying to escape from your important duties...Here I would like to share my personal tips for staying grounded in a busy life. When I am grounded, I am calm. When I am grounded, I have respect and appreciation to my own being. When I am grounded I notice my own unique interests and how they can contribute to my daily work. When I am grounded I have a good day, which is the basis of making a good life...

# Tip 1: When I wake up, no matter how late I am, I give myself at least 2 minutes to sit still and reach to a feeling of thankfulness for waking up to a new day. If you have time, you can add some strectching activities, but if you do not have time, just sit 2 minutes still and watch your breath. Yes you woke up and this is the perfect thing about this day!

# Tip 2: I do never read newspapers and I do not have TV cable at home. When I am traveling by car, I turn off the radio when news start. I trust that whatever I need to know will be infront of me during the day and that is all I need to know about. I do not need to know about a negativity on the other side of the planet. It is not because I am a bad person who doesn't care. It is because I care it so much, and I am staying in my own power to do the best I can in my current place, which can change the all world eventually.

# Tip 3: I take a walk at my lunch time. Sometimes other people also want to join me, and this turns into a lovely conversation time. Otherwise, I just walk and listen to the birds, look at the clouds in the sky and I dedicate this time to solve no problem. Just be. Currently I am living in the Netherlands (for 5 years), here it is rainy and windy most of the time. If you think the weather is not good at your place for a walk. Just make sure that you have the right shoes and jacket. You also need to be bossy to your inner complaining child sometimes.

# Tip 4: I carry a meditation mala with me. It looks like in the picture below. People think that it is a nice accessory. Whenever I am overwhelmed, I turn it in my hand and bead by bead I repeat 'thank you' with every bead. First, when I start, I do not know what I am thanking for. I too sometimes think "what the sh*t shall I be thankful about this situation..." but as I continue repeating 'thank you', another way of seeing things appear with a new vision. I start to realize a lot of things that I am really feeling thankful for.

# Tip 5: I shout my computer and phone down sometimes, at least for 10 minutes :)    I give all my power to create something. This could be painting, sewing, knitting, gardening, whatever fun DIY could be.

All of these help me to be able to stay happier even in a very busy life.

Do you have other tips? Please share with us.


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I hope this letter serves you.
Please give me feedback. Thank you very much for reading.
With my best wishes,

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