CREATE4D Newsletter, July 2016 
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Google Earth Engine, Training Materials

Google has organized a workshop in California last week. The workshop aimed to reach to GIS and remote sensing technology users who would like to benefit from cloud computing opportunityof the Google Earth Engine. 

Training materials are available in this link


Data Bases To Train Your Classification, Pattern Recognition, Object Detection Software 


Often times it is challenging to find open data or a data set which other researchers also use so the comparisons can be done. 


Here is a list of the famous open databases to train or test your software;

1. Caltech birds data set
2. Material database 
3. Flowers database 
4. Caltech object categories database
5. Amsterdam object categories database 

Upcoming Events    

1. SIGGRAPH Asia 2016 VR/AR Workshop
2. STW Open Mind, Invitation for the Annual Conference and Call for Project Proposals 
3. JURSE 2017, Call for Papers  


Guest Researcher Mustafa Ustuner   


I received my bachelor and master's degree in Geomatic Engineering and am pursuing my PhD in Remote Sensing/Geomatic Enginering at Yildiz Technical University,Turkey where I am also working as a research assistant.

In my master, I studied on sensitivity of SVM classification (kernel parameters) for crop pattern classification.

Now in my PhD, I have been studying on PolSAR decomposition methods for agricultural purposes with machine learning techniques.

I'm a student member of ISPRS and RSPSoc and was a member of IEEE GRSS for a year. I published few times in ISPRS SC Newsletter.

Here I wish to share some of the remote sensing books that I find interesting and useful:

1- Practical Handbook of Remote Sensing by Samantha Lavender, Andrew Lavender

2- Remote Sensing Image Fusion: A Practical Guide by Christine Pohl, John van Genderen

3- Advances in Mapping from Remote Sensor Imagery: Techniques and Applications by Xiaojun Yang, Jonathan Li

4- Polarimetric Radar Imaging: From Basics to Applications by Jong-Sen Lee, Eric Pottier

More about Mustafa:

Here is a beautiful picture of Istanbul city that Mustafa adores;

Here is one of the key publications of Mustafa;
Ustuner, M., Sanli, F. B., and Abdikan, S.: Balanced vs Imbalanced Training Data: Classifying RapidEye Data With Support Vector Machines, Int. Arch. Photogramm. Remote Sens. Spatial Inf. Sci., XLI-B7, 379-384, doi:10.5194/isprs-archives-XLI-B7-379-2016, 2016.  


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Q & A (New page)   

In order to answer to the questions that I commonly receive by emails, I have started a Q&A page.

Please email your suggestions to improve the page for a better service. 



job: Researcher to use hypertemporal radar and optical images Link>>



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